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About Vintage Motor Cars USA LLC

What makes Vintage Motor Cars different from any other fine collectible automobile dealer?

Vintage Motor Cars started with one automobile hobbyist, Lee Wolff, helping his friends find new homes for their collector cars. Lee quickly discovered that there was considerable demand for direct, reasonably priced marketing assistance that would eliminate the headaches many enthusiasts faced when trying to sell an antique, vintage or special interest car.

How do we stand out from everyone else?

  • Vintage Motor Cars has delivered these unique autos all over the world, from the United Kingdom to Uruguay, Belgium, France, Mexico, China and even Australia. From transcontinental inspections to special regulations and shipping requirements . . . we can handle it all so you don’t have to.
  • We distinguish ourselves by only offering collector vehicles that we have thoroughly inspected.
  • Then we present each vintage automobile with in-depth photography and complete descriptions of all the car’s features — both positive and not-so-positive. At Vintage Motor Cars, you know exactly what you’re purchasing.
  • Vintage Motor Cars maintains a modest inventory of our own vehicles while showcasing some truly spectacular hardware from high-end collections all across the country.
  • We pride ourselves on our integrity and gladly share our knowledge, both positive and otherwise, of any classic or special interest automobile in our inventory.

Our Team

Passionate about collector cars, active in car clubs, current on antique, vintage, classic and specialty car sale trends . . . our team has a lot to offer.

Lee Wolf

Founder, CEO & Sales

The founder of Vintage Motor Cars, Lee has been involved with collector cars for over fifty years. Because of this, he is extremely well-known and respected throughout car collector circles, internationally as well as nationally.

Lee’s personal collection spans decades, from the teens to the 80s, and includes some truly spectacular antique, vintage and classic cars. His specialty are classic Packards and Rolls-Royce Silver Ghosts, and he has successfully reunited original Ghost engines, bodies and chassis . . . frequently after worldwide searches.

With a comprehensive knowledge of collector cars in general and an acute sense of what’s hot in the market, Lee is an outstanding resource for information on just about any car you’re interested in acquiring or selling. A member of many different car clubs including the Bentley Driver’s Club, Silver Ghost Association, Classic Car Club of America and the Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club, Lee can frequently be found on tour or at shows in one of his beautiful early Ghosts or his powerful Bentley 4.5L.

If you have an antique, vintage or classic car you’d like to sell, are interested in one of the wonderful vehicles in our inventory, or need help finding your elusive dream car, feel free to contact Lee directly. He’s a great resource for your next auto adventure!

Phone: (216) 496-9492

Email: lee@vintagemotorcarsusa.com

Chris Anglewicz

Partner, Sales

To understand Chris’ passion for cars, you have to go all the way back to 1937. His 28-year-old grandfather got a job as a tack-spitter at The Fisher Body Company, Fleetwood Plant. That entry-level job led to a 32-year career with General Motors and the ownership of 36 new Cadillacs over his lifetime. By the time Chris was born, he had family on both sides deep into the automotive world of the Motor City. By age 8, Chris was cutting cars out of magazines and filling photo albums dreaming of the day he would be able to own a car of his own.

Fast forward to today, and Chris’ dreams have come true. He’s owned every type of car, from a compact hybrid to a high-top conversion van. Today his collection includes a fully restored 1953 Bentley R-Type, a 1988 Ferrari 328 GTS, a 2010 Toyota Prius, and a 2021 Chrysler Pacifica. “I love all cars. I can drive the ’53 Bentley one afternoon and the Prius the next and find things I love and appreciate about both. I like the difference in driving experiences, the way they look, okay well not the Prius (chuckles). I enjoy the personality of each car and how the engineers crafted it for its special purpose. I’m not passionate about music, art or film, but I am passionate about cars. And I just feel fortunate enough to have the cars I love,” said Chris.

Chris, his wife Jen, and their daughter, Sophia are very active in the car community. They are members of the Rolls Royce Owners Club, Rock’n’Roll Capital Street Machines, Emerald Necklace MG Register, Ferrari Club of America, and Classic Car Club of America. Beyond that, Chris is a founding member of the Driving Dreams Foundation, a Friend of the Classic Car Club of America’s Educational Foundation, and a founding member of The Car Collective, a meeting hosted every third Wednesday of the month where all car enthusiasts and Clubs are welcome.

Phone: (440) 665-2600

Email: chris@vintagemotorcarsusa.com

Scott Barnard


Scott Barnard has resided in New Canaan, Connecticut for over 40 years, but his love of cars goes back to his youth in Erie, Pennsylvania, where Scott and Lee Wolff were high school friends with a mutual passion for cars.

After a long career in the paper industry, Scott followed his true passion by establishing School House Classic Cars in Ridgefield, Connecticut. His specialty are classic cars, and the 41 Packard is his first and most favorite.

Scott’s personal collection includes more than a few special automobiles including Porsches, several classics and the 1941 Packard 160 convertible coupe pictured here. Like Lee, he’s also a member of the Classic Car Club of America. Add to that membership in the Antique Automobile Club of America, the Early Ford V-8 Club of America and the Porsche Club of America to round out his car collector prowess.

Since he lives in Connecticut, Scott is willing and able to travel to all parts of New England and the New York City metro region to offer his expertise on listing and selling your classic or vintage car. Give him a call if there’s anything he can do to help you follow your own auto passions.